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Off-Road Car Surmount

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The presented off-road car is an ideal toy for the youngest users who just start their adventure with remotely controlled models. Thanks to its construction the car is extremely durable and resistant to all shocks, height landing, rough terrain rides and rides in extreme conditions!

The car is perfectly suited for “young adventurers” who are not scared of extreme rides with RC cars and the rougher the terrain is the greater joy from the ride is! 

The presented car can easily ride on a variety of surfaces such as high grass, dirt, gravel, and others! All of this thanks to the pumped-up tires which absorbs every shock, jumps, and bounces

Easy control and unusual resistance to surface conditions make the model purely ideal for young users who just start their adventure with the RC models. 

  • Dimensions: 150 x 140 x 70mm
  • 2.4GHz Remote controller
  • 9V Battery
  • Charger 250mA for model’s batteries
  • Pump for tires
  • Recommended Age: +8 years
  • Colors: Green, Orange