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Follow Mode Gesture Sensing Twist Car

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The remote-control stunt car is equipped with 4 electric motors with 4WD generating a greater horsepower and torque. This has made a huge enhancement for acceleration, traction on all grounds/terrains, 360 Degree Spins, and it allows the remote-control stunt car to have a top speed of 15 MPH. 

The 2.4 GHz remote control technology prevents signal interferences which enable two or more of the same remote-control stunt cars playing together. Our remote-control car can be easily controlled within a range of 165 feet. Kids will like the Remote Control with the Joystick which can be operated easily with one hand only (specifically designed for kids).

By pressing the gesture key on the remote control, the car will follow the routes (circles, “8” route etc.) which were set by the movement/gesture key of the remote control. By pressing the dog walking key, the car will follow wherever you go (like a dog).


Color: Blue

Recommended age: +6 years

Batteries: Lithium ion battery included