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3D Pen + Filament for free!

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Buy 3D Pen and get 3D Filament for free!  

-A pen for drawing 3D models to stimulate creativity and hand skills, used to form models made of polymeric PCL plastic, which can write on different surfaces, including the skin. It is safe for children as it uses a low-temperature technology 


Pen features: 

Rechargeable by USB 

Contains LED lighting 

Voice management features 

It has a self-extinguishing feature 

Two different printing speeds 

Voltages: 110-240 V 

Charger Type: 5V-2A 10W 


Box contents 

- 3D Pen 

- Filling wire 

- Design book 

- USB charging cord 

- User Manual 


Colors: blue, pink 

Suitable age: +8 years old 

Product size: 16.8 * 4.5 * 4.1 cm


-Filament Material for 3d pen, low temperature and safe to use for children 

1 Package contains 7 filaments

Colors: Yellow, White, Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Green